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Serving food to the masses

Whether you have a small get-together or a large party, Carini's Pizza Subs & Pasta is there to help feed your guests so they don't go hungry. We have both half trays and full trays, and all of them come with homemade bread!

Provide fuel to drive your party or meeting by having it catered by the experts. Our prices are excellent too!

Give us a call to order up trays of food for your next big party!


Salad, Dinner and Sub Trays

Garden Salad

$19.45 / $29.45

Give your guests a healthy alternative by providing salad.

Don't forget that you can also order pizza to be shared to your guests!

Get a tray of 1 of our pastas to easily serve a party or event!

Half Tray / Full Tray

Chef's Salad

$24.45 / $44.45

Caesar Salad

$20.45 / $30.45

Grilled Chicken Salad

$29.45 / $48.45

Baked Ziti

$35.00 / $65.00

Meat Lasagna

$35.00 / $65.00


$35.00 / $65.00

Stuffed Shell

$35.00 / $65.00

Cheese Ravioli

$35.00 / $65.00

Chicken Parmigiana

$40.00 / $80.00

Mix and Match

$29.95 / $49.95

Tuna, ham, turkey, Italian salami.